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Residential Landscaping

How much time do you spend in that piece of Miami landscape known as your backyard, playing with your children, reading in a hammock, or hanging out with friends? We can help you improve this landscape (Miami and the rest of Southern Florida), whether you're interested in designing and installing this space or it already exists and you just need to have it maintained.

Miami landscape design is the deliberate arrangement of outdoor space for human pleasure and satisfaction. Unfortunately, a vital feature of residential landscaping, the planning process, is frequently ignored. Plant Perfection will help you plan your piece of the Miami landscape, and together we will create a vision of the entire space and the effect you want to achieve.

Many first time homeowners wonder why they should bother with landscaping at all. The fact that in Florida, landscaping can raise the real estate value of a property by at least fifteen percent is a good enough reason. A home and its landscaping should be in harmony with each other. Accomplishing such harmony comes naturally for some people, but if you're more serious about matching your house with your landscaping, you really need to take matters to the next level - the Plant Perfection landscaping company Miami.

Finances, the expertise of your landscaping company, the type of weather your region gets, your individual design tastes, and how you'll be using your yard are just a small number of of the variables you'll need to consider as you come up with Miami landscaping ideas. You also need to consider other design elements, such as hardscape and water features.

Plant Perfection has a well established reputation for innovative, quality Miami landscape design. Our Miami landscape architects are continually challenged to come up with something fantastic, new and different. Our landscape designers Miami work with our clients from start to finish.

Plant Perfection uses modern methods designed to build a finished product that will improve your landscape Miami Fl and function to secure your investment. We will give you a professional, pleasant, and creative experience producing high quality Miami landscaping just for you. We pay careful attention to your needs, and that makes the difference between an ordinary South Florida landscape and superior landscaping Miami.

A good Florida landscape design is one of the most noticeable and significant improvements you can make to your new house. Your South Florida landscape will mature and become more valuable with time - whether it's a spectacular streetscape or an attractive garden setting - and it's an important investment worth making now. Plant Perfection can help you realize your dream in a way that best matches the style of your home, from landscape lighting Miami to installation of hardscape and water features.

Do you want to makeover your dull Miami lawn, and turn it into a lovely retreat? Would you like to replace your old concrete slab with an attractive hardscape installation? Would your garden look better with Florida landscape art, overflowing with beautiful flowers and lush greenery? Turn your South Florida landscape ideas into a reality. Call Plant Perfection now, or click here to sign up for a free consultation.

Be sure to check out our portfolio of Miami landscaping photos.