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Lawn Maintenance

Plant Perfection offers dependable lawn maintenance Miami for all types of clients, from suburban homes to private superstar estates. Insured, certified and highly skilled, our crews performing lawn service Miami FL consist of individuals who take pleasure in your satisfaction. When working on any lawn Florida, we make sure and cater to customer convenience and privacy.

We offer two exceptional Miami lawn maintenance programs which ensure that our clients’ landscape venture is correctly maintained. The weekly Miami lawn service offers our clients a maintenance program which covers all aspects of taking care of their landscape design in Florida. The seasonal lawn service Miami program offers a solution for clients who do not have need for a weekly maintenance schedule.

Distinct from fields set aside for cultivation, lawns may have started off as grassed areas inside early medieval settlements used for shared grazing of farm animals. It was only during the Tudor and Elizabethan periods that the garden and lawn became places created solely for human recreation and relaxation. Lawns came of age in the US and Northern Europe at the turn of the nineteenth century, due to sprinkler technology, better and mass-produced lawn mowers, new expectations about gardens, and a shorter working week.

In order to keep your Florida lawn looking green and lush, we use native plants and grasses, which don’t require fertilizer, and which may have natural resistance to the insects in the area. Our lawn maintenance Florida program uses an integrated pest management program – instead of overusing pesticides, we bring in “good” bugs and insects that eat the ones you don’t want hanging around.

Our Florida lawn service also has a commercial pesticide license. This is an important designation, because it tells you that we have had official training to properly care for lawns and gardens. The license indicates that a landscaper has been taught how to work with fertilizers, weed and pest controls – whether artificial or organic. Without this license a maintenance company is not allowed to apply any kind of chemical to Florida lawn grass. Period.

Healthy lawn grass Florida provides a feeding ground for birds, which find it a rich source of bugs, worms and other food. If you look after your Florida lawn and garden properly you can both improve its appearance and contribute to its environmental benefits. A healthy lawn can outdo most weeds, endure most insect assaults, and ward off most diseases – before these problems ever get out of control.

Your property deserves total Miami landscape design and lawn care from Plant Perfection. You can count on receiving products and services that promote a lush Miami lawn, healthy Florida landscaping trees, and gardens free of Florida lawn pests when you choose Plant Perfection. You also get tailored lawn care solutions unique to your garden’s requirements.

A well-kept Miami lawn is more than worth the effort. Well kept lawns have a certain attraction that draw people for different reasons. Perhaps it is the comfortable recreational area it provides for children or the charming setting it gives to the Florida landscape.

If you’d like to enhance your Florida lawn, click here to contact us online, or give us a call on 1-786-306-6466.